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Gender: Man
Size:47-19/140 mm
Injected Fullrim
Dark Tortoise Square

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The transparent white lenses with blue anti-reflection (Cat. 0) protect you against the blue light of the screens and prevent the vision from degrading.

Yellow lenses (Cat.1) improve contrast and protect your eyes from reflections of artificial light (car headlights)

Colors with mirror have a supplement of up to 20 € per unit.

Choose your glasses
  • Displays Cat. 0
  • Conduct - Yellow
  • Sun and sports Cat.1
  • Sun and sports Cat. 2
  • Sun and sports Cat. 3
  • Sun and sports Cat. 4
Cat.1 - Glasses for driving, weak sun and sports
Cat.2 - Glasses for moderate sun and sport
Cat.3 - Glasses for the beach and sport
  • Brown
  • Grey
  • Green
  • Green/Grey
Cat.4 - Glasses for snow and mountain


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Product Details

Caliber: 47

Nose: 19

Rod Length: 140


All our products are produced in the European Community.


Our lenses are centered and adjusted in their glasses by qualified opticians and with quality standards of the European community.


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